Friday, November 30, 2007

The Decision.

Scout was on her way out, she had decided she had enough of the boredom in her life ,to take another minute of it.
She dressed in a hurry and dashed out of the house, now that she stood on the road,the previous frenzy to get out was replaced with doubts about what she had planned to do.
nevertheless she hailed a cab, shaking off the persistent nagging thoughts that she would deeply regret her decisions.

Standing at the foot of the stairs,after carrying out her plan,she found herself staring at the ticket she had purchased,she could feel her heart beating with the exhilaration of simply following her heart, mixed with a nervous tension at the boldness of her actions.

With clammy hands and shining eyes,she headed home to pack.....she packed with a desperation that said that, if she stopped,it would be back to the good old life , that coupled with fear she would chicken out kept her awake all night.

Scout left for the airport an hour earlier than necessary,the airport somehow calmed her down, instead of a feeling of dread, she began to feel a sense of purpose, of being one with million travellers . she studied their faces wondering what stories lie behind it all. she knew they could guess but her secret was safe, they couldnt read her mind , they hadnt a clue who she was deep down, how unique and special.

Boarding the plane, was no longer the Scout who couldnt take her destiny in her hands. This Scout was different she knew what she wanted to do and wasnt afraid anymore.
The hiding was over, she was free and leaving on a jetplane, the future along with the present was her's and her's alone.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"Passion goes phut"

Scout had nothing planned for the day.
it was going to be just another day in a series of days .
she woke up, did the usual bathroom rituals ,did the usual stuff with the kids ,checked the same ole mail on the same ole computer.

But something did jolt her out of her self-imposed state of ennui. as she casually glanced through the photos that her friends had posted online ,she came across one that was really good. and thats when it struck her,that it was staring in her face all along " photos", didnt she want to be a taker of good photographs ?!

Quickly she rummaged around the cupboard and took out the good ole camera not the usual digital one. suddenly she was energised ,ordinary things were popping out of their blurred existence into the forefront .she zoomed in and was about to shoot, when she realised nothing happened, the button was jammed aaaaaaaarrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Creativity which was speeding through her veins froze and as she slowly came to,she thought - who was she kidding and promptly went back to the good ole defence " nothing good ever happens to me!".

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Double lives!

Recently i 've been watching lots a T.V! now that the baby and josh both have to be entertained thanks to the horrible summer holidays, i just cant seem to read a book which is unheard of, unbelievable .

Anyway watching the telly during the afternoon dead zone time is a whole other experience. couple of days ago they started airing this serial not sure if it is from the 80's or 70's ,its called
"Scarecrow and Mrs king"............. scarecrow is the name of an international spy and Mrs king played by one of the original charlie's angel, is a humble suburban single mom who has two kids but leads a secret double life that of a "spy", she is very cute and intelligent and is a great mom and great spy to boot.

Now, that i've seen the lastest episode, i feel like ,wish it was really possible to lead an exciting life like her's ......use your brain for a change instead of changing endless diapers.....mrs king also travels extensively in Europe and other parts plus has a handy mother who babysits her kids while she disappears on these trips, come to think of it her boys dont seem to need attention or help, seem like properly behaved kids. me thinks blah blah its afterall a serial who in real life has such a life????? but me also thinks secretly i could be Mrs king( after i get into shape of course)

I've secretly started to think different scenerios for meself............... okey okey agree i am totally losing it. but for once wish i could lead a double life in reality and not only in my head.

Food for thought:- Mrs Datt aka Mrs King leading international spy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah right like that's evergonna happen!!!!!!!!! and soon pigs will fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Just a reminder!

Recent events in my life have led me to believe that i've become kinda jaded and stuck in a rut.
i needed a fresh perspective or say a refresh of my belief system.
Love is a hard emotion and sometimes you might forget what it is all about.

So here it goes, a simple reminder.

Love is patient
Love is kind
Love does not envy
Love is not proud
Love is not rude
Love is not self-seeking
Love is not easily angered
Love keeps no record of wrongs
Love doesnt delight in evil but rejoices with the truth
Love protects, always trusts,always hopes, always perseveres
Love never fails.( excerpt taken from THE BIBLE, 1 cor 13:4-8)

i know that this is a high standard to follow or believe ,but its nice to try and nice to know that love afterall is much more than what it has become nowadays. love you(reader whoever you are!)

Monday, November 12, 2007

seasons of change.

You have to look out of my window to understand ,how beautiful the sky looks at the moment.....all shades of blue and purple, amazing!

anyway not to lose sight, yes getting back to the title i've given this write up "seasons of change"......simply coz this year sometime in may i hit the big "30" at that time seriously all i could think was "is the baby gonna pop today" i was really counting the days before i was to give birth to my second son, joash. and believe you me life has been one thing after another.......recovering from the birth, relatives and more relatives ,illness and basically the works,last month was like "the tsunami" had hit me and i felt too overwhelmed.

today,i look at the sky and all i see is blue( code bt me and special friend) and that gives me hope......i think i did see a lot of black these last couple of weeks...maybe it was a know what folks, its nothing like you have to join the mental asylum and checkout mentally for a bit and you wake up alright nothing of that sort its a damn whirlwind of thoughts and life keeps happening ,nothing stops.sad but a fact

I am 30 years old ,iam at the start of another milestone in my life and "i feel good" ," i feel nostalgic", " i feel scared" and "i feel damn optimistic".may the good times (and the bad)roll , its time to go back to the big bad world ......i've decided to go back to school and try my hand at being a "career woman" ( yes do i hear some guffaws from the audience) plans still not concrete but in the process...process such a positive word.

Motherhood, is really my thing .....i love my boys and to leave them in the care of others is really hard.....iam a jealous kinda mother....but iam learning to let go......hardest is the thought that i gave almost 6 years to my eldest and my baby boy who now is 5 months will be seeing less of mummy,hey but what the hell....i will be able to give them 100% quality time instead of the "nagger" iam becoming and then i dont want to be the kinda a person who lives only for their children and goes coo coo(mad) when the nest is empty(get what i mean) anyway its just a thought, but i must really do something other than obsess abt the house and planning healthy food menus....hard coz i love being at home,i know it sounds kinda 50's and not liberated...but its not simply that, i genuinely feel thats what i do best and it is" my choice".....but life changes and sometimes you need to try out new things ......

So looking forward to a new season in my life....not a new but improved moi! so here's to you life bring it on! cheers.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

what horror!

Guess what! as a kid i was totally nauseating i find out,no not cool at all,
my sis tells me she found a book which had some rubbish we wrote down as kids and i shudder to say this it what it says" baby pink is my favourite colour"( my pseduo intellectual brain is saying why didnt you like classic black or white ) that "secret garden " was the book i loved, well, that's not so bad.......but here's the terrible secret that is about to get very very public and i might not recover from the shame "i loved no was a great "fan" of madhuri dixit( shudder !!!!!!!!!) by the way for all you non indian readers MD is a indian actress who was very popular but now come to think of it i am horrified!
but then who cares and i dare anybody to bare their secret faux pas in public like this and not feel like a good laugh! iam laughing myself..... man who wants to be sophisticated when the really happy ones are the kids who" love pink"! see what i mean?!

Sunday, October 28, 2007


I miss my dad! having got married some 7 yrs ago ,staying away from home ,in fact in another country,has not when i go home everything seems different. Dad looked old and shrunk to me and since then his health has taken a toll for the worse, minor temors to the hand and spasms and motor skill failure in his left hand etc he is not on his death bed or anything fact meds and physio have been working....not to forget dad's eternal struggle with his smoking and drinking which is driving my mom and sister insane.
But my take on the whole situation is coloured and biased and iam also distant from the daily drama of it all.
i miss him! his health issue though not as serious, have given rise to morbid thoughts .my dad is not going to live forever so on and so forth.

on the 25th this month he celebrated his 73rd birthday and this is what he said to me"dahlin 73 yrs not bad eh! not bad at all" all this on the phone by the way.
Felt like weeping ,recently when my hubs was away i wrote him a mail.i poured out my unsaid fears and thoughts regards my dad.
"Daddy pleez dont kick the bucket! pleez dont leave this world ,iam not ready for a world without you. i miss you ,i think youre the world's greatest dad! my childhood was fun because of you,you were and are the only person who has never knowingly hurt me .you were there always till i grew away from you and life happened to me. i remember forever yabbering away daddy daddy daddy,dangling my feet over the sofa and talking about books ,issues and life in general, i miss you feeding me ,i miss your hands such wonderful and beautiful hands ,i miss cuddling next to you and falling asleep counting sheep till hundred as a kid! thanks on all the boy advice and thinking i was oxford and harvard stuff when i was nothing of the kind !"
some of you must think i have a father fixation or some such horrid thing, not true....just that his not being well has unleashed all kinds a memories and i just wish i could say all this to him.
I love you daddy! youre my guy!
As one of those blasted poets said "do not go gently into the night" and some such lines .go dancing dad !remember when niru and i were kids you used to make us giggle and laugh doing that funny jiggle "shubi doobi doo i wanna be like you" well thats how iam going to think of you always.
stay safe dad and be good!
love you to death.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


the sky is torn
the blacknight ripped into pieces
heavy raindrops
fall into my soul
a storm rages
the conflict within
the rain washes away
more silence,
the sky gets murky...
yes black is all i see
the colour stolen from me
all remains unresolved
unsolved a mystery.(1999)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


You,i know not
You,are not you
rescued i felt
then throttled
hijacked i was
straightjacked i am
evading like the moon
glimpses of you i see
this letting go did not
bring freedom.
captive iam within
trapped by my own whims
on an edge....on an edge
Eternally lost.(2004)

Friday, September 14, 2007

family outing!

Hey finally did it! the whole family managed to go out for a long time ,not just a dash to the docs or to the supermarket ,but a regular jaunt around town!
The best part was it was nothing spectacular,i am happy coz it was really a regular normal family day out.yes there was the usual mess like me yelling at josh and deep and moi bickering over the parental guideline stuff,the baby getting a bit overwhelmed,but still overall a grand time was had by all.
we had a nice lunch together,josh almost dropped the drinks on the table,the baby always hoping to be carried, the usual toilet breaks but we managed to eat hurrah! the day progressed josh wet himself splashing in the wading pool,had to buy clothes for him,lucky bugger and the baby was fretting but seemed happy overall..........managed to have icecream and just sat there watching josh and deep busy splashing while the baby cooed as the breeze swayed the nearby trees,which is a biggy considering that we live on an island and it can get really sultry.
well, by the time the grumpy and tired kids not to mention kinda looney mom( that's me by the way) got into to the car for the ride back, i was very tired dying to get home,the kiddies fell asleep and i put my head back and relaxed ,the radio started to play some really nice songs..deep and me started to hum along,i felt really great.......despite all the silliness and grouchiness, it felt real good,iam glad we did it! cant wait to do it again! it felt like just like heaven!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

matters of the heart

Growing up,we all have our favourite cousins.i've one too..His name is Capt Armstrong, he is 38 years old,his wife is Rosy and his two kids are kenny and sherry.....all this info why you ask?! coz tommorow he is going in for "OPEN HEART SURGERY" it has scared me a bit, made me a bit nostalgic and generally we all are really concerned. my dahlin sis is incharge of the kiddies for this whole period, my home in Hyderabad is flooded with relatives and iam not there!!!!!!!!!!!!! somehow as you grow older you miss your family and relatives more than ever.
Growing up can do that ,you long for the very things ,you tried escaping all these years.
This is simply a request that all who read this say a prayer for Army!
Guy you were there for me when i was going through the teenage stuff,just want to say thank you!
iam thinking of you and praying for you!
your cousin
from the ten little monkey gang!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

movie mania

Generally i come under the people whose chief hobbies\occupation is to read,but now and then i get the itch to watch movies.... last week thats what i did.especially since hubby has joined back "De Workforce" after his life changing eye operation!
iam a force to reckon, in between nappy changes and baby feeds,not to mention with much pausing, managed to catch a few!
Watched "Notes on a Scandal" brilliant acting by both female kudos to Judi and Cate, in fact i know a person like the dench character( ha ha its anybody's guess as regards the identity of the person,top secret!)

Next movie deserves a standing ovation for throwing a few and not so many subtle hints at hollywood cliches!"Hot fuzz'" people pleezzzzzzzzzz watch this movie,hats off to the brits for pulling off such a classy spoof! pleez watch it.....

"Thank you for smoking" another brilliant movie must watch for those who like movies but not necessarily blockbuster type...the protagonist played by Aaron eckhart was great! the character though totally unsavoury is totally gooooooooood looking! catch it if you can.
watch out for my next..."must see movie update" till then ciao!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Harry Potter

The final H.P book was released on july 21st much awaited by millions,me one among hubs to pick up my pre-order book that day!( what a happy day for moi!) recently having finished the book,i sighed a relief !no longer wondering wot's happening next and wot was the fate of Harry and Lord Voldemort!
Now that the saga has ended,iam reading the entire series again,currently on book 3 "The prisoner of Azkaban"! iam in awe of J.K Rowling's brain,i mean she thought up the whole thing,very very intrigue by the working of her brains....wish i had her brains...anyway its over Lord vol, is a gonner and iam sad and happy that all good things must come to an end. I must urge
parents with kids u must read it and all kids must read it and my real advice ,all must read this series!basically "A MUST READ"
signing off
ardent fan of Harry potter!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Times a changin!

Joshua my eldest recently asked me if he could go to the playground,I was sorry to tell him that i couldnt take him.
He told me he knew the way there and i neednt bother coming along!i registered horror and said no way!
Really times have changed! i'm turning into my mom...i now have offically started to behave like an adult.....i have joined the club of people that say "when i was young".......
So beginning again,when i was young ,nobody monitored my sister and me,in fact i dont recall any adults around to settle disputes between siblings or friends. simply they did not exist....we had the free run of not only the home but the entire colony, where we stayed.
What times i say! apart from stealing fruit ,we played in all weather.
Hot summer under shady trees and in rainy simply making paper boats and splashing wildly in puddles,we never lived by the sea but had no end of fun playing in the sand heaps collected for construction purposes.
my sister and me did not own a single toy,my dad thought they were bad,as did not develop a healthy imagination! He need not have worried .
We invented games ,found new games to play,if the neighbours kid got a bicycle no probs, within the week we all had learnt to ride the bike, if somebody got a board game we took turns to have fun,the games whether hop scotch or hide and seek was a mania ,till something new took its place. Just couldnt wait to get home from school!
When we were not outdoors ,my sis and me voraciously read books,nobody taught us to read ! that is why ''To kill a mocking bird'' is my all time fave....we had a similar childhood!
Not denying part of it was "quel d'horror"!
i just wish josh was as free to go anywhere,that all these new fangled toys and unsafe times did not exist.The other day an aquaintance told me he had bought his 3 yr old an ''X BOX'' really that tops the cake!!!!!! just sad! simply sad!
anyway not to fear, iam working on a foolproof plan to make sure josh gets a healthy dose of imagination and that his childhood is just as fun!

Friday, August 17, 2007

straight from the heart

Totally n utterly down.
The final straw - i got a bad case of the runs!!!!! why me and why now?!.....past few days have been a total agony.....i cant eat coz iam purging so much,but the real downer is the baby is suffering ,no milk you see.....the baby is crying his head off refusing to take substitute bottle feed! what can i do?! nothin ,zit,zero,kuch bhi head is spinning with fatigue and weakness!
Just when i think,finally after 3 months it will be me,hubby and kids,things have started to go really out of control.
The day after deepu leaves...hubby dear has to go for his eye two kids plus unwell hubby....can i seek help noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o.
I dont want to be the mom who says see wat all i have done for you! coz i already know the answer to that....who asked you to have kids??!! right right, ure totally right's a dumbass, forgive my lang! by now dear reader you might have guessed that i m having mini breakdown and have no control over the outpouring !
Well,i feel sanity returning and a wish to delete all,but i say why should I? Who do i think reads this crap? wish i am sounding like an angst rid meryl streep in ''the hours"! or atleast not like a damn crybaby! anyway my sis always thinks i am a high drama queen....i totally agree.
Who do i think i am? virgina ##$%*** woolfe? ya right!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

men , gizmos and hypocrites

seriously wot is with men and talking about electronic goods.
i dont know about people back home in India ,but surely in Singapore people are nuts!!!
They are either always talking about these many gb's or those many g.bytes .....or wots the config on your phone....wot is the megapixels on your camera and so it goes....worse yet the prices are skyrocketing and still the fools are trading in one model for another!!! hello! when is this stopping ???? sorry to say even the women are into this stuff(shoulda seen me with my new phone!!) but nothin tops the guy talk around THEGOODS!!
Here if conversation is dead mention the word," phone" and the dumbest of dummies will talk!
Well, here's an example of the heights of the friends bro-in-law,recently had to buy this really really expensive looking toaster....right there in the shop ,the wife and him started arguing,she something like wot do you need a toaster for? you dont even know where the bread is???!!!,the hubby was going but i need it,you dont understand!!....finally after much bullshitting,he blurted out that the only reason he needed to buy it was coz its "bullet-proof"!!!!!!(yes you can laugh now!!) and the rest of us are like ya next time you or somebody are going to jammu and kashmir or cambodia dont forget to bring it along for protection!!!ha ha ha (this by the way is a true story)
Well, so much for making a point....when we buy our own home(hopefully soon...hoping hubby is reading!)i want just similar looking obscene things around me!dont go wagging a finger at me,its just time to jump on the bandwagon,dont want to be the last among fools!its just that i want to be an enlightened fool!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

a dove and a gift

i am in love again. nothin i can do about the kiddo in the movie"love actually" says the total agony of being in guessed right with joash (joey for short) my baby! .Joey is now 2 months old and i havent been really out anywhere,not even to church!
Yesterday my friend tina called to ask whether i would be coming to the saturday gathering(which happens every week!) i said that i couldnt,the truth to be told i was making excuses simply coz, Cheryl who was preggie along with me lost her baby when she was almost due. her eldest like mine is around the same age and our second ones would be friends too,or so we thought!i dont know how to deal with this devastating incident? i cringe from meeting her! i cant meet her all snug and in love with my bundle of joy and throw it in her face??!!!
They had decided to name the baby "callum" which means Dove! beautiful right!
Two days ago i was a wreck ,no sleep,constantly feeding,cleaning.... it was getting to me and then bang the phone rang and now i know i cant put off facing Cheryl anymore nor can i be depressed coz while i am going through a tough time,
I've a feeling Cheryl would give anything to be in my shoes!
so while her "Dove" went back to perch on God's own rainbow! i'll thank God for his Gift!and continue to deal with the total agony of being in love! i pray for healing for her and an added dash of courage and strength for both of us.
Bye bye Callum you were loved!

Friday, August 3, 2007

the tree hugger

here iam once again with my ohhhhhhhhh so vague yet personal when i say tree hugger pleez dont mistake me for an eco friendly,green peace ,earth loving ,wanting to change the world kinda person.when i say a tree hugger i simply mean that i used to hug trees....

i've a strange relationship with trees, all my life they've featured pretty granny's place had mango and guava trees...which we simply climbed when we wanted a fruit,my aunt's place had the hugest(is that a word?) mango tree! really sprawling...every summer when we stayed over for the holidays ,the cousins and siblings would play under its shade and yes !eat a lot of those yummy oh so juicy home in our own backyard we had a huge neem tree and under the thorny lemon bush like tree ,my sis and i played house house(wonder why we said it twice) as kids we were a real wild bunch,just before summer finally arrived there would be these strong summer showers which would make the first crop of summer fruit fall as the windbuffeted the trees,we vagabonds would run and collect a whole lot of fallen fruit off the roads before the rightful owners could get at them.......i know its wrong but stolen goods do taste so goooood!!!!!.the place we lived during my preteens and teens had these marvellous trees all around . the chiku tree which leaned into the balcony wall,was the fave spot for both my sis and me to hide and think or cry and brood as and when teenage stuff happened to us. my fave spot was on top of the guava tree ,perched on top of the tree i could spy on the people coming and going...this tree was very strange in shape ,one of the branches was very low and also formed a sort of bench on which i could sit and hug the tree,the hugging was for all sorts of reasons sad,happy,ecstatic,to clear the mind and definitely to be consoled!.....i dont know if you've tried hugging a tree but its very cathartic....(pleez dont judge or fear for my sanity i am not nuts.)recently i was waiting for the signal to turn green,as i was waiting i looked up and on the side on the road was this beautiful huge tree .just looking at it made me feel very peaceful and calm...i wish the land was not getting smaller and the buildings so tall....its blocking the sky,the view and most of all taking up all the space for the trees to grow.......somedays i get very down for no reason, they say its the baby blues...whatever it is!! if you come across a person hugging a"ll know its me coz iamthe" tree hugger". soon very soon i shall be scouting around for a tree! the one right across the park ,about now is starting to look real good!!!! so see you around ! next time instead for a cuppa why not join me for a tree hug.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

the connecting door!

10 years we lived in this dilapadated house .yet for all its had a quaint charm.its where i spent most of my preteen years not to mention the place where most of the interesting things in my life happened.somehow i have a fond attachment to the door that connected the downstairs with the upstairs.i call it connecting but say more of an entrance from one house to another. when we first moved there,our landlord's daughter,a toddler then would come to the door and bang it, till either me or my sis would stick our fingers under the door gap so that she could touch felt great! a couple of years later another family moved in. we made another lot of friends when the parents went out,we kids would open the door to play and us teenagers would make secret phone calls....yes this was before the invention of the pain in the butt cell phone!!!wot silliness we would get up to calling people with fake names and generally feeling all grown-up!another fews years down and another family moved in....and the door became a secret portal at night for all nighters before exams and late night rendez-vous during our college breaks! they dont make such houses and doors anymore...people have no time to enjoy the simple things of kids are growing up in a world of pressure,adults have turned into pseudo intellectuals...who are into wine and the good life. sad to say iam part of this shitty system too,so for now i will close my eyes and recall those happy happy days .when all it took to smile was to open that connecting door.(get one now!)

the things i miss the most!

my baby is excatly 2 months old !!! and the things i have taken for granted i must say are a lot!....heres the list, which by the way is growing everyday.
2.shitting....i hear you laughing???well would you choose to shit or attend to a baby who is crying??
3.sitting down and eating! not with family ,not leisurely but on the go...specialist say must chew your food slowly while enjoying it..i am assuming its also done sitting....i say they dont know abt the real stuff it!
4.having a bath....have any of you tried keeping the door open...with a chilly draft....rushing out half lathered with soap coz the baby is yelling its head of ???
5.going out without packing baggage as if you are going on
a trip!
6.watching telly without interruptions and i dont mean the ads!
7.cutting nails??? now we are talking luxury stuff!
8.goin to the movies, hell goin anywhere!
9.hubby who says iam comin home soon....dyin to spend time with you and the family!!!i know its a good one! ha ! ha!
10. well!! not finishing your mails or blogs coz of baby!!! yes you're right off i go!!! (baby calls now!)
see ya later with the latest updates!!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007


the thing i like about friends is the fact that unlike family,spouse and children......they're eternally on your side even when they dont agree and even better for some strange reason even when we dont deserved it are totally great on being there for us....................this is for the unsung heroes a.k.a friends in my life........dahlins iam eternally grateful to you jeanne thanks for being r the other part of me which remains kellin my dearest i wish i had your optismism and i think you r one of the few who i call the best person in the lydia thanks for the daily chats....thanks to you i have a daily shrink!!!
for appu for being my muse and for enigmatically and intellecutally stimulating me....not to mention entertaining me......i love you forever! to tara...who amazes me with her strength for making it on her own and yet being so gentle and shanthi you are a class act...ever so cool even after three kids.for being so innovative and for showing me loving need not be niru my sis no strike my friend ha for the things we've done and been thru........nobody will ever understand our insides like we do! dad love you for being my best friend till i got you to death my only idol! and to all those friends who read this thanks!!!!!!signing off with the song...."i've got a friend in you" going thru my head!


this was during my post graduate days.....i was a day scholar and like the rest of them craved to stay at the hostel .once every month the hostel folk got to choose from a special menu which also served meat which in india translates to chicken,anyway one of the dayscholars came from a vegan family(in india those who follow brahminism dont eat meat as they donot like to harm animals its against their religion) but she loved to eat meat on the sly,so one of our classmates would sign in for an extra dish of chicken65 (a delicacy in india....) for her, on the pretext of research work our vegan friend would stay overnight in one of our friends room and enjoy chicken65.....well to cut to the chase....our vegan friend got a bad case of the runs and couldnt attend uni...the doctor was summoned and the short end of it was in front of her father the secret was out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!her father's jaw hit the floor and a silent war broke out....she was put on a diet of bland food ,she couldnt bear the sight of another bowl of yogurt rice(indian cure for upset stomach)and complained to her mother.....her father who overheard the comment broke his silence just to say....."well why dont you eat me...iam sure i will taste great"ha ha isnt that funny!!!in india parents are really melodramatic and yet a law unto themselves...anyway the reason why iam writing this is coz i bumped into this friend recently after 7 years and it triggered a whole lot of memories and laughs.....what i wouldnt give right now for a hot plate of chicken 65 and a whole lot more of my vegan friend..who by the way still eats meat on the sly.