Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day and night.

Was having a bad day. At approximately 4 in the afternoon things took a turn for the better, good music, a game of scrabble, a near win , laughter and a hug later was having the best day in a longtime. At approximately 7 in the evening, i had a lot more to be happy about than when the day began. Good feeling overall. Diagnosis "Good day"

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Scary date night.

I am a typical girl, i get scared at the usual stuff like lizards, cockroaches, moving shadows, etc etc but the stuff that really is not my cup of tea, are "SCARY MOVIES" apart from the fact that the mild range ones and the usual thrillers give me a kick and totally spook me out. lately i have stopped watching scary movies all together and though iam not in my dote age, i have simply sobered down, i rather have a pleasant and much needed sleep these nights than staying awake and reliving the scary bits and even worse controlling my bladder on these couple of years ago i called it quits to watching horror movies.
Well after a very longtime last week hubby rented a horror movie behind my back and wanted me to watch it with him ,i refused and with thanks went to bed! but the expression on my hubby's face kept haunting me ,it said.....gosh you're such a spoilsport and you are always complaining that you never have time to do some couch time with me alone i leaped out of my warm bed, longlingly looked at both my boys asleep peacefully and thought with a sigh iam gonna regret this in the morning.
Hubby beamed when he saw me and patted the seat beside him, patiently rewinding from the beginning.....well the rest you can imagine!!!
The movie in all honesty was not scary at times even funny....but unfortunately iam easy spooked,so after the movie was done we hit the sack groaning at the lateness of the hour and having the usual regrets, funny thing was the moment i tried closing my eyes my over-imaginative mind went into overdrive and lo and behold i was scared....hubby asked me what the matter was and i asked if i could hold his hand, he laughed and said ok.
At somepoint in the night i wokeup and found my hand and shoulder a bit stiff, i realised hubby was still holding my hand.
Yes my lovely readers its time for the you to realise its time to say awwwww!
i dont believe i am too old, but i've been married for a longtime (coz we really got married young )next year we will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. so ya we dont get googly eyed at each other and we have kinda got comfortable with each other but i loved the fact that we held each others hand like teenages and slept. so hubby if you are reading this bring on some more of those horror movies iam ready for a night of popcorn and soppy handholding :)))