Friday, June 6, 2008

Is grass really greener?

My sister, recently landed in melbourne......she wanted to pursue further interests of a lofty kind.

So there she is ,doing what she wants and part of me envy's her (grass always greener on the other side syndrome)
nins my only two years younger but her world and mine are literally apart.......she is single and still able to discover other " avenues"....on the other hand iam married like donkey years ago(to kinda childhood sweetheart..what a cliche) with two kids and feeling pretty much a dead dog approaching middle age ( maybe not....just sounded more dramatic)

But people you get the as i drain the bitter cup of reality ( really too melodrama) mademoiselle is off doing her thing...very very interesting oogling blue eyed ang- mos (singaporean for white guys) freezing to death coz she is a student and has to eat canned food and has silly harmless chaps infatuated with her.......she is nearing her last dollar and looking for a job.....not to mention all the funny stories that seem to be happening to her...shady landlords,weird roomies and exciting episodes.

so now all i need to do is , somehow get rid of hubs ,the kids and tons of weight acquired in the process of producing them......become total hot chick, buy a ticket to downunder and have meself a good time...i am sure its possible ,coz "where there is a will, there is a way" probs have loads of that (will power of coz) now next gotta loot a bank and so on so look i got an entire outline for a movie script or a bestseller!!! ha ha ha...really imagination can do things for you that reality nins you carry on and continue to share your adventures ,while rightly i will get back to getting dinner ready for the kiddos. (canned food???? not really!!!)