Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dessert for the weary soul!!!

People talk about bare necessities ie, food ,shelter and blah blah.....i say add friends to that list too....talking of friends i have to tell you about one of mine who raised the bar on making friends a must have this season!!!!
Kellin my dear girl i have known for the past 8 years i met her one day when i was a first time mom with a 3 month old baby and a homesick heart, she instantly became my friend the second she offered me a sandwich that sunday morning soon after she said hi!!! she was my first chinese friend in to the city far from home ,lonely coz of all the nightshifts hubby was putting in and clueless about babies ,her daily calls to me cheered me up no end!!!!
She is such a blast!!! i always tell people everyone needs a kellin in their life....she is a ray of sunshine and an ever optimistic chatterbox.....we've have close times and distant times over the years. but.......
The other day i bumped into her in the lift , i was struggling with loads of bags and joash the brat was clinging to me, i must have looked a wreck coz an hour after i bumped into her. the doorbell rang , she was carrying a box of Rainbow ruby ice kechang( shaved ice with coconut milk, gulla melaka and more kinda red stuff) all the way from Serangoon Gardens just for me... i tell you i just went to the study sat on the blue sofa and just ate it like a kid....i felt like one too and in that moment all was right with the world once again.....only after an hour it hit me she had done the most unexpecting and heart warming thing anybody had done for me in a longtime...the last time i felt like that was when one day my dad came home from office with the most amazing gateaus ever and we were not expecting it!!!! You ask why wud any one do such stuff the answer is..."just like that" !!! i wish more people do this kinda a thing for each other......just like that ....just for you ,coz you'd like it ,coz it would make you happy.......we all let each other down nowadays, wish we could build each other up instead!!!! in this hot country there is no soup for the soul only ice cool desserts for the soul !!! kellin spared a thought for me one tired mom to another.....she understood she proved that everyone can do without many things but none can replace a good friend.
Kellin thanks for being my friend! thank you and i love you!!!
So go on add a friend to your shopping cart , having a good one is a must this season!!!