Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sorry for the absence!

Readers (if any of you left) since the last few months have seen zit no of writeups...i sincerely apologise n ask that you guys be patient till the New year is ushered in.
firstly too many things on my plate at the moment....the the creative juices have been left stewing far too long!
The home we bought this year has been going thru renovation and i cant explain the happiness and frustration that one goes thru while taking up such projects.......not to mention the tiredness and add two kids to the mix only makes one wonder why we do what we do!!!!

Josh is joining primary school and i feel kinda on edge with worry as to how he will cope! so the New year has its share of big bumps ahead.....need to gear for independence day as the first half of the year will see me gone ....albeit late into the bad bad world.(as most of you know iam off to start my course this coming year)

We are leaving for our holiday to India for my broinlaws wedding and christmas.....loads of packing to folks while i clear all the cobwebs on my brain...pleez be patient i will be joining blogging seriously soonish! in the meanwhile Happy holidays folks and have a wonderful year-end!
see ya soon!
all my love,
The mockingbird.