Saturday, July 28, 2007


the thing i like about friends is the fact that unlike family,spouse and children......they're eternally on your side even when they dont agree and even better for some strange reason even when we dont deserved it are totally great on being there for us....................this is for the unsung heroes a.k.a friends in my life........dahlins iam eternally grateful to you jeanne thanks for being r the other part of me which remains kellin my dearest i wish i had your optismism and i think you r one of the few who i call the best person in the lydia thanks for the daily chats....thanks to you i have a daily shrink!!!
for appu for being my muse and for enigmatically and intellecutally stimulating me....not to mention entertaining me......i love you forever! to tara...who amazes me with her strength for making it on her own and yet being so gentle and shanthi you are a class act...ever so cool even after three kids.for being so innovative and for showing me loving need not be niru my sis no strike my friend ha for the things we've done and been thru........nobody will ever understand our insides like we do! dad love you for being my best friend till i got you to death my only idol! and to all those friends who read this thanks!!!!!!signing off with the song...."i've got a friend in you" going thru my head!


this was during my post graduate days.....i was a day scholar and like the rest of them craved to stay at the hostel .once every month the hostel folk got to choose from a special menu which also served meat which in india translates to chicken,anyway one of the dayscholars came from a vegan family(in india those who follow brahminism dont eat meat as they donot like to harm animals its against their religion) but she loved to eat meat on the sly,so one of our classmates would sign in for an extra dish of chicken65 (a delicacy in india....) for her, on the pretext of research work our vegan friend would stay overnight in one of our friends room and enjoy chicken65.....well to cut to the chase....our vegan friend got a bad case of the runs and couldnt attend uni...the doctor was summoned and the short end of it was in front of her father the secret was out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!her father's jaw hit the floor and a silent war broke out....she was put on a diet of bland food ,she couldnt bear the sight of another bowl of yogurt rice(indian cure for upset stomach)and complained to her mother.....her father who overheard the comment broke his silence just to say....."well why dont you eat me...iam sure i will taste great"ha ha isnt that funny!!!in india parents are really melodramatic and yet a law unto themselves...anyway the reason why iam writing this is coz i bumped into this friend recently after 7 years and it triggered a whole lot of memories and laughs.....what i wouldnt give right now for a hot plate of chicken 65 and a whole lot more of my vegan friend..who by the way still eats meat on the sly.