Monday, July 12, 2010

A dinner rant.

Jocks sometimes wish that their Numbers could be retired forever, many people have special numbers, lucky numbers and in India and some asian cultures they believe in auspicious times and dates when the moons and suns and gods align. but iam really not into all that kinda stuff......but last night i really wished that i could stand up and give two minutes of silence for 8.15 p.m , you might be scratching your head and wondering what this is all about?! well the significance of 8.15 p.m was" dinner time "back home in my growing up years actually till i was 23 years old....without fail we as a family had dinner together,no books or toys were allowed nothing to distract the family from eating and catching up on the day,though my family is very Britsihified when compared to most Indian families( there are major reasons but thats for another day) when it came to dinner instead of sitting on the dinning table ,we sat in a circle on the floor( how Indian!) ,laughing,shouting even fighting at times, passing the salt ( how ENGLISH!) becoz my dad doesnt eat salt and after years of the" salt debate" that goes on till today at my place. my mom no longer adds salt to the food but we sprinkle it on top of our food. anyway the topic of the said rant is coz of the lack of a proper "dinner time", in todays world or atleast in my home ,we no longer have dinner together, the baby has to be fed first,josh makes such a fuss its like somebody is forcing him to eat bits of cement and gravel, after years of battle ,though he feeds himself now after millions of time outs, alarm clocks, removal of tv time, playground time, punishments and rewards....i still have to monitor him and still our friend manages to eat for an hour plus the longest timed clocked in being 2 plus he's the last to get off the table ....hubby cant be relied on to get back at normal dinner time, the world despite all its iphones, blackberys ,macbook and ipads has still not made it any easier to get the man of the house in time for dinner with the four of us.....all this new technology is supposed to make life easier ,one would think people would have more time but most of us are struggling with the 24 hour time i have my dinner whenever i have a breathing moment and on a good day hubby might join me but my beautiful teak(recycled wood btw) dinning table which i had comissioned lies in the corner gathering dust . i long for 8.15 pm ,i wish i could wave a wand and make it happen just like in the past....modern life has killed the culture of dinner altogether for me. so i pay hommage to the dying art of dinner time and hope against hope that hubby would read this and make it possible. how did our parents do it??? really is it that hard....working all these weird timezones is horrible..........ah i rant on....dont mind me iam in a bit of a foul mood, blame it on the lack of company at dinner time.

Cheers its time to sleep!

I enjoyed the world cup footie just like the rest. secretly glad its over too, bloody late night T.V was getting on my nerves. even the alarm clock had to do its share of the work.....but sleep deprived people who have to keep themselves awake with intensive games of scrabble are no longer easy to live with.while the whole world suffers withdrawal symptoms i revel that nobody will start hogging the T.V AND F.B will not be flooded with similar posts! The octopus will no longer be harassed with insane questions and made to predict the fate of an entire country, as much as i cheered for my favourites who lost by the way.....thanks for the entertainment FIFA WORLD CUP , time to move on.....much needed sleep its time we catch UP! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.