Monday, July 21, 2008

monday blues!( no more)

Today i got up early the first feeling that struck me,ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, was

its a monday the whole week is starting all over again, which by the way is not my usual attitude , generally iam like wowieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee its monday coz after the long weekend, hubby is off to work and josh will be gone.....its my time to set the house to rights, clean up and unwind in a way only a homemaker can understand.

Anyway, the reason for my blues was coz i had to actually dash off to the gym early on monday morning, rushing with the morning crowds as they tried to get to work!

horrid horrid, you start to realise that your body is going in for a whole lota pain after the weekend break and weekend meals!!!!

But all that changed, coz as my body was slowly coming outa shock, it also came to in a marvellous way...perched on the dreaded cardio machine i caught a glimpse of JAMES MCAVOY on mtv doing an interview.................i died and went to heaven in a second... and all i could hear apart from my pounding heart ( also due to the on going cardio!)was Bryan adam's" love is all dat i in your arms ......we're in heaven".

After which no amount of torture from my P.T could spoil my mind!

Thanks james you made my dayyyyyyyyyy! mondays rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I just loved the movie!

That about sumsup how i feel about the movie! growing up i read my share of comic books and i loooooooved each of the masked and weirdly dressed superheroes!

But the recent series of the Batman movies....starting with "batman begins" and now the "dark knight" have taken the comic genre from the usual blockbustery fare to new heights, by deconstructing the hero and the villians usual clear lines of right and wrong, and adding the human angst they feel and taking a new look of defining the ramifications of being human and its complexities.

Loved the pschyological angle of the movie.. dark as it was plus some really superb acting being displayed, pushed it up a notch in my books!
The late Heath ledger deserves the oscar for his totally convincing role as the joker, his acting chops get total kudos from he scared the pants of me!
Oldman, Bale, Ackhart and Morgan freeman totally did their part....some good acting was had!

Agreed the movie is a tad longish...but amazing stuff ! but this movie is definitely not for those who are looking for the usual comic fare!

so serious movie watchers! check out the movie! its a MUST- SEE!

Friday, July 11, 2008


Recently a rare event happened, that too right in the middle of a shopping mall.
Iam totally thrilled over the incident insignificant as it was. last weekend saw us at the Tanglin mall.....while strolling around with the family, window shopping...suddenly a stranger albeit a handsome angmo(caucasian) and me locked eyes for a split second and he politely flashed a gorgeous smile at me and of course i smiled ordinary everyday happening but immediately i found myself believe it or not "BLUSHING"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But honestly i loved the feeling......i never thought after all these years i was capable or even remembered to blush...i had all but forgotten the feeling....when was the last time i had blushed????? i think it was when i was newly married and some ole aunt said something embrassing but really it was nice to feel young and silly.

I think at heart the girl in me still loves the romance not the cheesy ,corny stuff but the sweet nothings that still makes my heart go pitter patter.

Another news worthy tidbit (only according to me anyway)is that iam kinda having a crush on somebody...yes people a full blown crush....his name is " james mcavoy" i've been watching all his movies lately and his latest role in the movie 'penelope' had me in swoons....i guess it sounds very corny and all.but despite his crooked teeth and boyish appearance ,something about the way his blues eyes had me all gooey inside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so here iam enjoying all these forgotten feelings!
great feeling alive!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Conversation has run dry!

Wonder if only i am the only woman who hates to talk about family and hubby.....but do it anyway simply coz of the lack of any better conversational matter......or there are graver issues like she talks only about her family coz thats what life for her is all about!!!!! ( am i boring????)

Just got off the phone with a close friend and believe me we yapped about nothing else but kids and hubby and shit i have taken a pledge to becoming conversationally more interesting by reading more, meeting people who do not have kids ,hubbies or pets. going to parks and participating in bird watching( how do they do it i feel nothing for birds!! but there must be something to it) or become a fashionista (do i hear guffaws) go for book and poetry readings ( pleez point me in the right direction as i have no clue as where this stuff takes place) travel and meet and dine with people whose fave time pass is to discuss fine wine and cheese( i hear great discussions happen around goat and blue cheese) .

I know there is a glitch to this program of mine......where does one find these creatures ???? i do not move in those circles!!!!! but honestly speaking the more they talk about the cheese or global warming or the state of current politics i start to feel the need to throw on a pair of P.J's and sneak a hug from any member of my family.......

I think iam a goner they is no cure to my " family addiction" .....dear reader whoever you are take pity on me and next time you talk to me pleez start an interesting conversation coz iam really starved for a decent one barring which be prepared to hear all about the baby's latest antics and my grouching about everything in long!!!!!!!!!!! waiting for my ear to get chewed off!by some great conversations!!!!!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

California and dreams!

Flashback to the year 2001.....still madly trying to finish all papers and seminars for the final fews months before i finished my masters and embarked on a new life as a married woman....i had got married in feb and i completed my masters forever in may!

My experience as a married woman comprised of the wedding itself and a short 3 day honeymoon and by the end of the week hubby was back in singapore and i was back at my moms slogging my ass off trying to catch up with the backlog of reading , term papers ,seminars and the damn exams themselves. my state of my mind as you may guess was in the shit house....between the need to get as far away from any sort of studies and the fear of making it as a wife on my own...leaving my parents !!!!!! it was a trying time ( how i laugh to think i thought that was life!!! reality is something of a shock!)

Anyway, apart from the apprehension of the future ,i was giddyly anticipating my new life ,as we would be moving to california soon after i re-joined my hubby.....these were my plans " to join a university and specialise in poetry" " to learn to swim" , " learn the piano", " to run" , " to seriously take up photography" ," to learn pottery" and finally "grand plans of decorating my home".

Instead joshua happened, got preggie within a month of coming to singapore.......was put on bed-rest, the world economy took a nasty turn and plunged into a recession and then the world tasted its first brush with terrorism when the twin towers were hit!!!! the rest is history....we never left singapore ,which has become my second home and i became a mom...all my plans and dreams were left on the i learned to cope with a baby on my own in a country far from home! those were some tough days.....but new dreams were spun and truly i loved every minute of this new role that adopted me! josh became my went on some sweet and some bitter times were had...but life went on.

Now i am a mom of two and i really enjoyed and at times hated my life......but some new and exciting times are around the bend this coming year...i am shedding my old skin and embarking on a journey thats only about" me" remains a strong factor but finally some "ME" time has finally come......come 2009 feb exactly 8 years later i will be going back to school albeit to follow a new dream....but totally geared up! will not jinx the whole thing by telling you fellas the details but keeping my fingers crossed!

Here' s to me......a brave and brand new world awaits me!!!!! yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!