Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ordinary Days!

Honestly, nothing much to write coz life at the moment has made a major stop on platform boredom!
Yes apart from the lovely holiday at Mayangsari,which all about lasted two days and faded as soon as it news worthy stuff has been happening....josh and joey continue to keep me busy.....and then there is a lot of news happening to others.....Aps is moving to aussieland! Niru seems busy with work,school and million admirers(sigh)
Lydia and her mum have been constantly looking up to me for newborn baby advice which i was happy to give, but now i feel how come advice from i that old??????
One more good news was all of us got back in touch with Theithei after nearly 8 long years! and to boot she has got even saintlier...funny even vaskar was talking the christian lingo...that was funny.
Ash and sudha's bickering gave me much comic relief.....miss those carefree days especially year 97......pre-deepraj days.
Well about hubby dear......i have given up on him officially...seems to be going thru something ....he thinks iam going thru something which is not wrong in itself...mainly his going thru something effecting me...vivcious circle man!
Josh is a dahlin...he kissed me and hugged me yesterday...what a loving kiddo! he knew mom needed some love. joash on the other hand is a total brat with twinkling mischevious eyes.. and very very naughty, between tearing books and banging and throwing things around.....he still manages to get away with it all!
Well it is early morning in singapore and beginning to pour...gotta make a move and settle the chores and brats for the long folks till we meet again!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New arrival!

Yesterday was a very very special day in my life best friend lydia gave birth to a healthy baby boy...who is my son's namesake joshua!
my joy knew no bounds coz,lil joshua is a miracle baby, after 7 years of despairing if they would ever have a child GOD blessed them with this baby.
And coz many of her family members and friends have been praying for her all these years, especially me....i had made a special prayer for her the whole of last God does answer prayers......
In the past year my relationship with God had taken a negative nosedive .....but in little ways He lets me know that He is just around the corner, well God i will give you this one! Thanks for lil josh and thanks for hearing my prayers and a million others.
Congrats lydia and prince....i see your joy is complete.....joshua is a little heartbreaker!
Totally smashing!!!!!!!