Thursday, February 26, 2009

A wonderful month!

Of all the months in the year i never thought much of the weird "feb" , but as of now the year 2009 , i can safely say its one of the best months in the year!
this month had me travelling from India to attend my close friends wedding, to going off to cambodia on a secret 3 day anniversary holiday( pssssssssst pleez readers of this blog do not tell anybody as my family back home doesnt know abt it) with hubby and today the newlyweds are heading to singapore on their way back from their honeymoon and i will get to hang out, albeit for a couple of hours!
Yes at the moment life is beautiful, i wish to write abt ash's wedding and my trip to India as a single person ....not happened since i got married and had was a break of a lifetime and i feel so much more refreshed and ready to face the challenges life has in store....this year has been taxing in the sense that from being a mom with two kiddos and taking care of their basic needs...i now have a son who has to be coached at studies and plus deal with a toddler....i now am able to do it gladly just coz i got a break.....i think we all need such short reprieves!

hubs and moi got married way too young and had a kiddo quiet early ( my dahlin josh) i think it was tough with no family in a different country....but going away with hubby made me realise that we should never forget that we are married to our spouses and not our kids...they will eventually leave the nest! though kids are important and vital....we must nuture our relationship as a couple.....odd as it was being without the kids ...we felt so free and believe me,hubs and yours truly, didnt have a single fight! though i did throw a mini tantrum when the blazing sun got to me and hubby wanted to carry on sightseeing! anyway the trip to Cambodia also requires me to do a small write up by itself.......
i have loads to share ash's wedding, meeting up with ole friends and family...and all that glorious food! so hang on folks lots of stuff coming up! so stay tuned!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Just for you!

i am reading this book and it quoted a few lines from an Italian song.....kinda liked it! so here it goes

E tu dice: 'I' parto,addio!'
T'alluntane da stu core...
Da la terra da l'ammore...
Tiene'o core'e nun turna'?*

*So you say,"Farewell, I'm leaving!"
Going far from what the heart clings to...
From the land where you found love ...
But would you not rather come back?

beautiful aint it!
iam going home for a few days.....By home i mean India and iam so happy! i wish all of you were coming too......especially hubs and aps and niru and of coz baacha log!.....but since iam not around for valentines let me say....I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! and Happy valentines day! thanks for being in my life folks!