Wednesday, February 27, 2008

In response.

In this age of enlightenment and reason....i still find that many similar questions keep repeating overtime.
Look at it anyway men and women are different in everyway....phyiscally and in mental make-up. today many of the things women couldnt do they can do now(thanks to technology and education) , but somethings cant change and we must understand this fundamental difference.
Many of my working women friends find themselves torn between their role at home and work.....and some of the single women have other issues,and what of the stay at home mom.
What i think is people should embrace the differences between man and women and work together, understanding and filling in for each other when one of them is lacking.

Women can give cannot......women are nurturers in general..they have a dual role....and one must appreciate it and be supportive when it comes to maternal leave ,sick leave etc etc coz arent they bringing up the next generation......yes perhaps they have more on their plate than the average can we see it as something unique and special and that support of the female species is a must!(and viceversa)

Women on the other hand must realise that man is a different creature.despite attempts by feminists saying that we can do without men.....iam sorry to say its not true.....we need them as much as they need us this is the law of nature. why fight this difference why not embrace it instead.

As long as the human race exsists their will be stereotyping and racial and sexual differences......prejudices that we continue to fight against......and one day (really hoping) might change......first its the mindset and the attitude that need changing somebody i know recently said men are from mars and women are from venus.......dont forget we belong together to planet earth.

Monday, February 18, 2008


Life is strange.

Watched the movie Juno....i cant wait to buy the movie when it comes out...i think nobody should miss it......its way cuter than cute and deep as hell....super acting hope the movie wins every oscar under the sun ....even the music scores are grrrrrrrreat!

Kids are totally back to normal.Thank God! joash is now not only crawling but walking around in a walker and his favourite haunts are the shoes stand , the bread which is kinda easily reached , the blue and white table cloth and all time fave is the chart of a skeleton in the study.
josh is kinda grown up wish he hadnt but atlaest he can take care of himself.

I believe GOD is real....proof well coz of many things that are happening, uncanny but cant explain.

Finally after months of struggling to read(unheard of) i devoured "Half of a yellow sun" by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. yipppee i am back.
Nirupa is coming to Singapore for josh's b'day and to meet chomp chomp aka joash ,totally excited.

Hubby said will take me out sans kids for our 7 wedding anniversary which is coming up this week.....lets see how it goes........7 years and two kids am i old???

well thats it .too many things to write detailed everything in a nutshell.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Nowadays i find myself longing for home.when i say home, i dont mean my parents back in India ,what i really mean is my longing for India.
There are days that i wish i could go home.simply close my eyes and find myself reading a book lying on my bed and from time to time gaze out of the window at the piece of sky and sunlight shimmering thru the trees.

I wish i could glance across the room to where my sis would be lounging with her book and bug her with odd questions.

I wish i could hop on my bike and drive all the way to my friends place to chat and eat lots of rubbish.

I long to go shopping for cotton fabrics in rich reds and blues and bury my face in the cloth which smells of all things wonderful

I long for people who are laughing and talking without restraint.............i miss my chickencorn soup in winter,chicken 65, halim during Ramzan, tajmahal's masala dosa....i am dying to have Egg puff,bundi chat....

I miss those roads i drove on.....i miss my beloved Hyderabad..everytime i go back i feel lost, i cant remember seeing this much traffic....all these new malls ....all these IT hubs....its like i've become an orphan or while i was gone somebody cast a spell and this city is not mine anymore.

Ithink that the city is different coz all the people i know are gone......appu is in Bangalore,sharan in florida,namu in nagpur, niru is going away too i dont know if that is why i feel like an orphan so bereft.

i wish to go Home , i want the mayhem , i want the noise, i want the people............ i think iam really homesick. really homesick.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Valentine's day

I am one of those people who believe in romance, flowers and the works. Especially when i was young i would dream of this guy who would sweep me off my feet.....who could play the guitar and serenade me with beautiful songs......that i would inspire great love letters, poetry and the kind of rubbish that only school girls can think up.
When i really started dating i thought going on a drive ,going for a movie or hanging out was the thing to do.
since i met my hubby some 11 odd years ago .....we've had many kinds of valentines,intially we really did the sweet yet silly things.....i remember one year i was totally and utterly broke and couldnt afford to buy a present for my dahlin ,i racked my brains and then i came upon the solution, everyday i got busfare to go to and fro to college ,so i stopped taking the express bus which cost more and started taking the ordinary very crowded and unpredictable bus....and while returning home i would walk half the distance and then take the bus ,like this i chalked up enough money , i remember to buy a bottle of cheap body spray and a valentine card not to mention the long love carefully worded with intense words of love. despite being so silly and foolish.....that innocence and love doesnt ring true anymore...coz over the years not only has valentine's day become very commercial..... and we simply can afford to go out for a dinner for two with wine and candle light ,but it means nothing coz its not suprising at all, its so unromantic and predictable ...the element of suprise is totally lost.either you cant take leave from work or you get the same gift which you pick out yourself or have hinted at to hubby or boyfriend. Or come feb start mentioning "v days "arrival or not mention it hoping 'HE ' will intiate and arrange the whole thing, alas those days are gone.
This year since i turned 30... i decided the next ten years are precious , i want to do all the things i want to do and one of the things is to get the romance going again coz seriously if you are married and know the person as long as i have ,it does get into a rut.
This valentines day iam looking forward to a fresh perspective on fact iam not waiting for v day at is a good day to start the ball rolling.
So to all out there ,whose love life is languishing due to work,familiarity,kids, sheer lack of anybody, take time off to start living, get out of the rut and start loving yourself first and stop being so hard on yourself........................get footloose and let your hair down.
I think its high time................dont wait for the somebody to light the fire , you be the one !
So there it is......have a good one. Happy valentines everybody.

Friday, February 1, 2008

News snippets from planet moi!

Folks its been a long long time since i last said hello! but january had turned into some sorta nightmarish period in my life.......heres news of a mixed sort some good and some bad.

1. NEW YEAR started on a wrong foot very very sick continued for two weeks
2. DEEP went to usa leaving ME to manage the home front alone.
3. GUESTS from india .....truthfully not bad experience at all.
4. LOST hearing in both ears....had traumatic experience at the ENT specialist( since then have regained hearing in one ear... horrible !)
5.PART-TIME MAID falls sick, had to write off any forth coming help!
6.KIDS have been falling constantly sick! as of today both are down with viral fever and baby has tested me to the limit today.
7."ANTONEMENT" movie the only highlight of january ......its amazing and a MUST WATCH.....i hope it wins the oscar for best picture.

8.LYDIA is expecting her miracle baby after a long wait of 7 years.....praying hard all remains well.
9.HAIR CUT...chopped off hair in frustration......totally regret it now!
10.NIRUPA is the only person whose chats have helped tremendously.....i will miss you when you start doing your course.
11.OLD FRIENDS.. have surfaced from the past , nice to hear from them.
12. lastly kids dont beat up your mom when you grow up coz she was not perfect....believe me you were not perfect kids .......and dont forget i love you.

thats it i guess for now!
yours truly
blah blah blah
drama queen.