Sunday, January 6, 2008

Dream vacation

Friends,countrymen ,readers and fellow bloggers, my sincere apologies for not writing sooner.

Been very very sick ,but have resolved to write despite my hacking cough.

Its been a wonderful holiday,i've waited 10 long years to see NEW ZEALAND finally i see it. on the 22nd of december the whole family i.e hubby ,josh ,joash baby and moi boarded the flight to CHRISTCHURCH the southislands....................we were very excited not to mention the baby's first plane travel,10 hours later we reached the land of GOD. hubby picked up the hired family car and off we went to see the whole of south islands .

day 1: drove to OXFORD a quaint little village ,where we stayed on this beautiful farmstead called "CHIRBURY MANOR" the room was like a mini apartment and the view maddeningly breathetaking .......our hosts were very wonderful....josh instantly warmed up to sophia the pet deer and had a ball feeding her. will post a series of photos for those who are interested.

day2: drove to KAIKOURA a wonderful coastal village\town for WHALE WATCHING yes my dears i saw no less than 3 whales, a school of dolphins, hundreds of sealions and a gazillion fish the most amazing blue ocean...............all from a helicopter....words fail to describe how i felt.

day3: after saying goodbye to OXFORD where we stayed after driving back from kaikoura we started the long drive to DUNEDIN , a city of universities and all things ENGLISH it was like stepping into oxford and cambridge...............sorry to mention that while you drive, its not a waste of time its all part of the magic as you drive thru amazing farmland passing mountains , lakes , snow peaked valleys and each drive to each town is different coz of the view.

day4: started the really long drive of 5 to 6 hours to MILFORD SOUNDS.......... one the most beautiful drives , views and time of my life....though josh was car sick thru out the drive up into this wonderful place.....i tell you it was wonderful awesome and what not.......we passed lakes drove on crazy roads with bridges and ravines and waterfalls that fed these beautiful rocky streams and gushing rivers and up and up we climbed the mountains to reach this scare you to death hairpin road that went winding down into sheer beauty and nothingness.finally we went thru this tunnel dug out thru a mountain and i thought who was the crazy bugger who dug this tunnel in the middle of nowhere. once we reached the destination.......more heavenly sights awaited us on a cruise boat.......waterfalls a galore and a magnificent view kinda killed me.

day5: after this divine day we drove back to QUEENSTOWN on the way back despite the bonechilling cold without jackets josh and me actually jumped out of the car to do crazy jiggles and find out any info as to who dug and made these roads and tunnel......found out that during the depression of 1929 people migrated to this Godforsaken crazy yet awesome place to build roads and tunnel they were practically snowned in for 6 months. well photos cannot capture the beauty of these views the most beautiful picture is only telling half the story , really!!!!!!!
another fact i forgot to mention was that due to the daylight saving etc etc the sun would set at 10 pm. on the drive back in fact we stopped by this road side stream coz by the side of it we saw thousands of flowers all in lavender and pale pink which suprised me coz i was wearing purple and my scarf happened to be pale pink.....despite the fading light and dead tired bones.....we got out to capture a few shots( iam looking horrible i must say.....)but josh and me went mad we were like puppies in a valley jumping up and down....huggies trees and in general very carefree....hubby dear very indulgently carried the baby and took snaps urging us to get into the car as we were turning grey with cold......i think josh never saw the wild side of mummy coz he keep on saying mummy over there lets jump from that rock or go into the woods(secretly happy coz ever since baby came along ,mummy had turned into raving screaming looney)

day6: somehow reached QUEENSTOWN the land of the bungy jumping.......hubby dear already said he was not doing it,i thought i was but after seeing from where i was supposed to jump i thought wild horses not being able to push me off.......anyway took the cable car upto this wonderful mountain.....josh started to cry dont blame him kinda shit scary climb up.........anyway before going up josh did trampoline bungy jumping. me wanted too also but only the kiddies were doing it.......hubby thought i was nuts as i was already hacking away with a bad cough....they were also doing temporary tatoos i begged hubby dear to have one and i would join him......he looked horrified as if i asked him to dance naked or something......anyway i was going to go ahead alone when the rotten rain started to pour down ruining all sport activity coz thats what QUEENSTOWN is well known for(happy that the rain took it out of my hands otherwise i'd have to go bungy jump off mountain no way) well on the top was this wonderful view and we had a cozy lunch by the fireside...i was so frozen i was wearing a massive coat that did nothing for my figure but added 10 pounds more ....more photos for proof......anyway the rotten rain was ruining it all as the bungy jumping closed down thje only thing which was about to close was something called the "LUNGE" you went up in a chairlift i mean we were already on top of a freaking mountain how much higher were they taking you,anyway this chairlift left you on top and you went go-karting down and round and round the mountain side.....totally scary anyway...hubby dear was begging us to make up our minds as we had to start off the next leg of the journey as this was the longest drive yet 8 straight hours and the route very i dared josh and took him along while my usually adventuress hubby took care of the baby.
so josh and i donned the coats but totally forgot our gloves in the car, well the rest is history... josh froze when he saw that we had to hop onto the chairlift but i made a dash for it shoutiing yippeeeeeeeee and wot not josh totally shocked that mummy was behaving in a total non mommy fashion started to yodel with me .......we stuck to each other on the way up mind you never looking down,the dizzle continued and with the wet wind in our faces reached the top the guy put josh in front and i was the driver i only registered words like brake pull and dont let go.......and off we went down the hill......the thrill and fear was too hard to describe to top it these bunch of chinese or korean people where going at snails pace blocking my way i shouted out to them and in the nick of time dodged them and went totally out of control.....josh and me started to laugh and then i realised my hands had froze and i had no contol over the go-kart...josh was like mum pull the brake and i was like josh my hands are frozen....anyway at great speed hitting everything in its way we finished the lunge......frozen josh and i climbed back but the mountain air was too much for my lungs which felt like bursting, reached the top out of breathe hubby dear got a shock when he saw me gasping for breathe anyway after 20 mins later i was okey.......and off we went to FRANZ JOSEF AND FOX GLACIER.

day7: did you know that there are only three glaciers of this kind in the world ,one in Argentina and two, the fox and franz josef in Newzealand ...............anyway this drive to the glaciers tops the cake i've no proof of this leg of the drive as the light was fading and i was literally in fear for my life................but people ,if you are serious about nature and really want to experience its beauty and fury and its scaredness and want to really feel one with God and nature...if possible hop into a car and drive through this word failing beauty......the road was winding and at places the road on the edge of precipices and dangerous ,all around you was mountains and jungles and sheer drops and on the other sheer rock face with thundering waterfalls on the places we went at 10 kms per hour....and the clouds everywhere, there was a mist covering everything the roar of the waterfalls was scaring and they where too many to count. the forest , the snow peaked mountains and waterfalls sacred me.....the failing light and josh and hubby's non stop whopeeing and who haaings was very annoying i was having a sublime spiritual experience , and thinking man is nothing and GOD who made all this is awesome and powerful and the real one in control of our destinies ..........not to mention the very loneliness and fading light started to give me the heebjeebies and i thought shit why did we wait so long should've started earlier.hubby dear was totally mad coz all he was hearing from the backseat was mutterings of soft shits! well at the time my fear was real.

friends the writeup is very long and hubs is away, without his help i cannot post i will post part two of this travel tale ......soonish lots more to share....stay hooked. love always

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Greetings from the nutter

Darling readers,
sorry to keep you all waiting this long .but as the saying goes" que sera sera what ever shall be shall be "

So here's to you folks have a very eventful,non boring earth shaking NEW YEAR!!!!!!! for those who need much rest and peace" 'MAY YOU FIND REST" and for ther rest may life never stop .

darling readers its here that all caution is being thrown thru the window along with the burning desire to kill the person who invented grammar coz for the few grammartically challenged people like moi....i totally detest the thing.....

anyway, people a big write up is coming your way full of fun and insightful details of my dream vaction come true "New zealand" yep thats where i went, its hard trying to get over the euphoria of it all....but 8 days of that marvellous country has done me in.......

iam really jetlagged and suffering from the worst bout of cough in my life once iam well enough to put down in words how i feel about said trip and also coming up is a small writeup on the faithful new year topic " hellos and goodbyes"

so till then cheerio............................have a good one! bottoms up!!!!!!!!!!!!!