Sunday, April 27, 2008

Writer's block!

Dear readers ,
pleez dont quit reading my blog .......i totally understand that from the past couple of months the stuff has really got shitty and sub-standard stuff has been spewing onto the blog...but i beg patience while this called writers block stuff passes.

iam going away for a bit! will be back with a bang...dont give up on this blog!

thanks and much love.
The pleasant one.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Things that goes bump in the heart!

I have reached a stage in my life when nothing right seems to happen ......i think it has something to do with growing up and realising that life is not as simple...that people are complicated.....that 2+2 is not equal to 4 atleast not in real life!

I know that the people who really read this blog understand that from the past year i have been going thru a tough time.....first the pregnancy and taking care of a baby without family and help and then the depression of it all.

The first half of the year went by in denial,survival mode and a bit of iam above all this crap sorta thing.......but of late i think i have started to unravel bit by bit.....sometimes i think iam at the edge of something horrible and all i have to do is to let go and i will plunge into some kinda a blackhole of no return.

But things are not that bad at times......josh and joash keep me grounded...and though i lose it from time to time....its the kids who ground me,who put a smile on my face, who tell me that you can fall and cry about your boo boo's but then with a little distraction and love the tears that havent even dried on the face are replaced by a big grin....i must follow their lead...they are full of life and joy and a different sorta reckless love for life.

I have three people to thank who are helping me thru this shit! and believe me i feel much support and encouragement. i think i am gonna pull thru in the end. i tried to do this alone..but i neednt do it alone....coz i realised like the U2 song says"sometimes you cant make it on your own".
Guys you are the friends , too whom i am eternally you guys forever.
thanks . Aps , Niru and Ash! with your help i feel iam recovering ....cant wait to meet all of you again.

Here's a toast to you guys and also to my boys...cheers!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Every summer as far as i know brings with it, summer showers,the fragrance of wet mud, mangoes and an intense longing to be young .....and when i mean young i am talking about.....chadi may khelna (playing in your knickers- kiddos basically).

Remember those days when final exams are over and there is a great buzz of excitment going around in your head and all around you.
kids basically losing it and playing till you drop......mothers shouting at you to get outta the sun and have an afternoon nap and all you can think is when is evening coming when can i stop pretending to be asleep.

Growing up we had all these power cuts but it never made us grumble on the contrary it filled us with joy...coz it meant more playing while adults sat on their verandas slapping away at the mosquitoes.while we bugged each other.

nowadays summer only means inane stuff like "its damn hot" ," i have a splitting headache ", " man the heat is killing", "gosh my skin is so tanned". and more than anything its really BORING , the heat kinda bores you to death...... i remember even as a kid being bored by the end of summer but it was a romantic boredom full of possibilties...afterall school was re-opening and all those lovely new books with stickers................summer is here...and iam bored. at this point of my life it just means there is no end to it! only the begining of another kinda boredom, really why would anyone write this kinda i must be really bored!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Favourite things about you!

Dahlin appu these are things that remind me of you. here goes the list.

1. chinese take out.
2. bee gees.
3. cotton clothes.
4. moisturiser.
5. books.
6. dream intrepretation.
7.political science.
8.women's writing.
9.saint francis. scooty.
13.summer boredom.\travelogues.
17.lobo. when u're gone. you believe in life after love.
20.calvin n hobbes.
21.tess n innocent milkmaids.
22.indian authors
26.standing up.
27.standing tall.
29.all things new.
30.above all love.
baby hope this a puts a smile on your face.
love always.