Monday, May 19, 2008

A month of happenings!

The month of May has a special place in my heart, for one the name is very pretty, then there is the whole association with summer and childhood memories of holidays and just happy happy days.
But the significant event of May is my birthday(19th)...and now my second son joash also managed to squeeze his birth on the last day of the month(31st).
Well coming back to things at hand....this May has been a wonderful time....after a year long bout with depression....i am beginning to come out stronger and better.....i wouldnt go so far as saying i have totally cleared my head or that i have arrived coz that would be a lie.....but i definitely have begun to make sense, deal with my emotions and figure what is important and what is not.....
Last week i managed to get away... and go home for a bit....managed to finally find my bearings and managed to even meet my best friend in the whole wide world....i know the term is so corny"best friend" but they dont seem to have a word that suits my mad relationship with said person....(girl seeing you was like coming home, thank you sooo much!)

Yesterday was really the most memorable b'day i have had in a very very longtime......generally b'day is dinner or lunch and sometimes even a movie.......what happened yesterday was no different but for some minor changes.....but i loved it especially the "BOWLING" which i have never attempted before...great fun! and even greater fun for the people who play against me coz by constantly letting them win i ensured their happiness ha ha!

Overall, i think i felt special after a very very longtime and i guess a really good birthday is not the events that are planned.....but the sincerity and the feeling of saying ....hey you made into this world and its a special day ..."you are special".
Mission accomplished.......still feeling all warm and fuzzy! thanks to all, especially hubby!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

For aps!

Babe the mind is whizzing with ideas but still not translating into words............wonder when this block is gonna unblock!
I loved something about the last writeup on your was the love of books, the excitement , the passion and the desire for all to read and feel all those wonderful emotions that words evoke..............
I could never explain what i want to say but i am sure you get the picture.
may our love affair with books neverend! thanks for being my soulmate when it comes to books!
love always
the pleasant one.