Wednesday, June 24, 2009

something warm and fuzzy.

Yesterday my baby boy, joash did something i have never saw him do before.....the little tyke is down with a bad viral fever but nothing keeps the fella down...he plays as usual and makes cheeky little faces at you , after pulling my hair for the nth time when i finally think he's been at it too longer i will give him a firm "no joey" immediately his face changes , he's hurt and cant understand how anybody can scold him, in fact being the youngest and the baby of the house has spoiled him rotten...he believes that nobody should scold him fact sometimes his expression gives you the impression that says "how dare you curb me or my activities".......

but the poor chap feels poorly from time to time ....he will come around and ask me for a hug or he'll go to tess and play the poor me face card and win a hug from that quarter too...but what amazes me is since he's been sick.....he grabbed my t-shirt which was left hanging on the door ...and started carrying around first i thought it was a game but soon i realised that he was it carrying around like a security blanket...coz it smelled like mummy...awwww my heart melted....coz unlike most babies both of my kiddos are very independent ..unless very tired or in a strange place they dont cling...or constantly seek our attention ....they are very independent!!! so when the same thing happened today he went in search of the same red t-shirt and spent the whole day trailing it all around!! it warms my heart!!!!
how wonderful to know that ...i am that person who makes him feel safe and secure...and when iam t-shirt which smells like me....will keep him company and it makes him feels like i am around!!!!
lovely.....certain smells and sounds remind me of home and things with nostalgia ....its so heart warming to know i mean soo much too him.....i know it will pass , as kids grow up and also away from their parents we are no longer the center of their universe, but iam glad to know for the moment ...iam the most important person in the world for him!!!!
thanks joey we've made your mother's day!!! love ya!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The different me.

The last two months have been busy busy busy.....first i went for a short five day workshop in check out if i could hold any clout being in the art world alas as fun and enlightening as it was i came to the realistic conclusion that in another birth or time i could have been a patron of arts but not the creator of anything closely resembling the fine that dream along with the boat crashed and burned !!!!

then my birthday came by, which was a happy time hubby made it real special and folks iam 32 yes yes dahlings there is no shame ....officially i've two legs in the thirties and i feel gooooood!!!! i sported a flashy jade green top and almost killed hubby trying to wear my hot red shoes ...iam sure he thought his wife was a hop,jump skip away from joining the looney bin....but no such luck honey!!! in a couple of years perhaps....iam loving the new 30's person who has emerged ...i who wanted no jewellery and wore subdued colours for my own wedding.....have become a colour freak and large jewellery is kinda my latest thing....bold is my middle name.....loving it!!!!

Joash my baby turned two!!!! time flies!!! with josh my eldest time went by slowly but with the super brat all things are whizzing by!!! joey is a cheeky bugger and more alive than any picture could captured my little rascal hope to see many more fun filled years to come with you!!! God bless you!

June saw me breaking a leg at a friends party ....dancing???? you say yes folks dance is an unknown factor in my DNA ....but must be that small amount of the "juice" which my system cudnt contain .....made me "FEEL" all apsarasa like....gosh donno how embrasssing it all was...but who cares??? not me!!! no sireeee!

Then came the piece de resistance for our recent family vacation and i mean my hubby's entire family trooped over to 'Nepal' hubby bought me wait !!!!its a big one!!!!A Nikon D90!!!! iam over the 1997 i thought God please let me have a camera .....i want to be a photographer.....finally God has answered....whats not to like about the thirties???!!!
Nepal on the other hand was beautiful yet disappointing cant explain !!! people its not cold at all unless you are actually heading for the Everest peak! plus all of us took turns having the runs and it was a total wash out!

My friend recently had a blast on her beeday which she totally deserves , many more to you babe!!!!!!
and honestly what more could a girl ask for all i can say is" it is well ,it is well with my soul!!!!"