Friday, January 29, 2010

Gosh its proven i need a head check!

There is no shortcut to saying this but i got a nasty shock a couple of days ago.....a random fellow blogger left me a nasty comment .....well! stupid me immediately went ahead an reacted and wrote an equally childish retort on said person's blog.......what is wrong with me, you say ?!( just the usual) soon after i deleted said msg coz poor me couldnt handle the truth.( ha ha ha !!!!!)

Truth is the chap though equally insane like me did have some home truth's for me...firstly he called me" pathetic" , thinking objectively i guess from his point of view i must have really looked so.....just to clarify i agree with "you"(random blogger) wholeheartedly! secondly he said i was so sick to be indulging in my "pleez love me a little syndrome" that i needed to be locked away......... this i totally well i partially agree with......firstly every person to think about themselves cant be locked away now can they?! i believe healthcare systems are finding it hard to find places in looney bins for the real criminally insane to begin with.....doesnt anyone read the bloody newspapers anymore???? and regards to the fact that i am a bit sad and indulge myself on my own blog ,which btw was the main purpose for its creation, i will continue to beg for love if i want too!!!!
its not like i am asking anybody to send me guns nor iam plotting to start shooting random people at the mall......Even the "Beatles" my fave band in their song say " all you need is love" said person back off!!!!
lastly i was accused of being shameless to think of myself when millions of people in this world where suffering and dying and there was more of that stuff.......i mean helloooooooooooo
where did that come from seriously that was unfair and uncalled for.......this is serious i mean my mom would always start off with random stuff like this all the time " did you know that people in somalia are dying of hunger and you refuse to eat your spinach" really i mean i know what she was saying but hell i dont like spinach( i love it now btw and of course iam not a kid anymore either)
Peoples i love the dying masses as much as the next person unless he belonged to the Taliban mindset.
Everytime there is a Tsuanmi or Bomb blast or Earthquake , i equally feel and am angered by the hate and destruction ...... i even do my part in whatever small way i can.......and yes i am not with Doctors without Borders, or an Activist for human rights or a Volunteer at the Red cross. but i care enough ,you random stranger, i care enough to rant and rave and be candid about" my pathetic life" as you put it. so that when i get off my computer i can go back to being sane and a caring and loving mom.....i do my part alright!!!
what this world needs is well adjusted kids and adults if my being home and "trying" to bring up the next generation to be normal bothers you (again random blogger) i am sorry you feel that way! i really dont have to answer to you or anyone......coz like the rest of the world iam just trying!!!!
so you think i need my head examined or a real good kick in the ass for being such a cry baby!!! i agree with you but thanks for the reality check anyway!!!!