Friday, September 14, 2007

family outing!

Hey finally did it! the whole family managed to go out for a long time ,not just a dash to the docs or to the supermarket ,but a regular jaunt around town!
The best part was it was nothing spectacular,i am happy coz it was really a regular normal family day out.yes there was the usual mess like me yelling at josh and deep and moi bickering over the parental guideline stuff,the baby getting a bit overwhelmed,but still overall a grand time was had by all.
we had a nice lunch together,josh almost dropped the drinks on the table,the baby always hoping to be carried, the usual toilet breaks but we managed to eat hurrah! the day progressed josh wet himself splashing in the wading pool,had to buy clothes for him,lucky bugger and the baby was fretting but seemed happy overall..........managed to have icecream and just sat there watching josh and deep busy splashing while the baby cooed as the breeze swayed the nearby trees,which is a biggy considering that we live on an island and it can get really sultry.
well, by the time the grumpy and tired kids not to mention kinda looney mom( that's me by the way) got into to the car for the ride back, i was very tired dying to get home,the kiddies fell asleep and i put my head back and relaxed ,the radio started to play some really nice songs..deep and me started to hum along,i felt really great.......despite all the silliness and grouchiness, it felt real good,iam glad we did it! cant wait to do it again! it felt like just like heaven!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

matters of the heart

Growing up,we all have our favourite cousins.i've one too..His name is Capt Armstrong, he is 38 years old,his wife is Rosy and his two kids are kenny and sherry.....all this info why you ask?! coz tommorow he is going in for "OPEN HEART SURGERY" it has scared me a bit, made me a bit nostalgic and generally we all are really concerned. my dahlin sis is incharge of the kiddies for this whole period, my home in Hyderabad is flooded with relatives and iam not there!!!!!!!!!!!!! somehow as you grow older you miss your family and relatives more than ever.
Growing up can do that ,you long for the very things ,you tried escaping all these years.
This is simply a request that all who read this say a prayer for Army!
Guy you were there for me when i was going through the teenage stuff,just want to say thank you!
iam thinking of you and praying for you!
your cousin
from the ten little monkey gang!