Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Birdie woes!!!

The stuff iam about to share might make you wonder about my sanity or lack of it......but hey its me so iam sure this doesnt come as a surprise !
Gosh saying it aloud is crazy but iam having bird must be going huh???!!!! ya ya i know it but its true recently i've been suffering from insomnia due to some lousy meds dat i need to take( no they are not looney pills!) anyway just as dawn is breaking i slip into the much needed sleep and lo and behold at bloody ( forgive my lang) 5 o clock our resident( kokila) bird starts its loud cooing (i always associated cooing with love birds silly me!) and off it goes for 2 bloody hours koooo oooo ooo koooo koooooo , i mean hey desperately in need of sleep person dying can we cut that out or what.......perhaps i 've understated the prob, but this has gone on for days......everybody is pissing mad come morning but does our friend the lonely or more like bloody bird relent nooooooooo it just keeps at it!!! well respite came a couple of days ago ,the bloody bird(BB in short) didnt start its racket.....bliss bliss iam sleeping and thinking hey imagine telling anybody that a tiny bird is in control of your sanity....ha ha ha i thought what a laugh.....poor birdie must have found the other birdie it so desperately needed to get in touch with.....damn it i began to feel all lovey dovey towards the BB !!!
Next day poor me was up trying to sleep and finally around 3.00 am my peepers started to droop....eternal bliss must feel like this....around the BB is back with a bang ...hey whats that racket !!!!!!!!!!!!! not this crap again!!! with bloodshot eyes and crazy hair i dash out ready to kill somebody and if you ask me really i wanted to wring the neck of the BB !!!! i dont believe in Guns at all ,i dont allow my boys even a toy gun....but suddenly i wanted one badly to shoot BB , hubby who didnt suffer much coz of said BB, as we all know Men are never effected by nagging or kids screaming or loud heavy metal music coz they have fine tuned" the art of mental blocking any irrelevant sounds".
He woke up to a wife foaming at the mouth and crying for blood!!! after hearing my tirade he didnt know whether he needed to call the Animal rescue or Mental health......i know its funny you may laugh people but poor me was a sleepless zombie !!!
Anyway thats all in the past the BB disappeared for a bit and i thought of "it" coz "It" made a guest visit this morning again. so i thought i'd get it off my chest before you read in tomoro's news "WOMAN ON RAMPAGE ARRESTED FOR CRUELTY TOWARDS RESIDENT BIRD" please dont judge me too harshly coz iam just another sleepless sod who lost it!!!
anyway to end this episode of my life threatening woes......i recently remembered a movie.....again pleez dont judge my taste in movie but there is this sideline story in the movie"Failure to Launch" where a girl is similarly harrassed by a bird ...pleez go to You Tube and check that bird episode out!!! its funny and exactly how i ciao my friends pray that i get the much needed shut eye and deliverance from the BB.